Pitiscoin : Connecting the Future Technology


A team consists of Malaysian and Indonesian counterpart has team up and introduced Pitiscoin, a digital crypto asset, something different and rather special for the people in this region namely and the world. A history indeed.

This team is made up from few blockchain companies and formed a blockchain ecosystem known as Nusantara Team and through research and technology development has succeeded to produce several blockchain based products, which is 100% Nusantara born.

Pitiscoin™ was the launched in Nusantara where its pre-launched was on 1st September 2017 in Malaysia at https://www.pitiscoin.asia while in Indonesia on 1st September 2018 at https://nucex.io

History on Pitis : The Chosen Currency in Nusantara Trade

The name Pitiscoin™ is derived from Pitis.

Pitis is a currency used during the Malacca Sultanate reign in 15th century here in Nusantara. All trading in the Straits of Malacca used Pitis as its currency and accepted throughout Sulawesi, Java Straits, Kalimantan and Sumatra.

Malacca, under reign of Sultan Muzaffar Shah, 5th Ruler of the Malay Sultanate, is the first state to use syilling / coins as currency in its trading system. Previously, trader used gold, silver and lead bars as monetary value to trade. While commoners used slug snails, rice and saga seeds to trade in barter system.

In 1445, the first lead pieces were form known as Pitis or Caxas Cashas.

Acuan logam dan pohon Pitis Kelantan

After which then used by all states in the Malay Sultanate reign States along with silver and gold. In Kelantan, Kedah and Terengganu, it resembles more of plant looking currency since Pitis was form on a stick lookalike way. In time, Pitis became the preferred currency until it reached Palembang and Sumatera, Indonesia. Pitis came into business during the reign of Sultan Abdulrrahman Khaifatul Mukminin Sayidul Imam in 1659 in Palembang. Pitis was widely accepted in trades, taxing and economy system in Malaya back then and it was recorded in Malaysian, Indonesian, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam history


Pitis Palembang

Digital Era : Pitiscoin™, continuing the Past Legacy of Nusantara Currency to Future of Digital World


What is connecting past Pitis to current digital crypto asset, Pitiscoin™?

A little background information on the creation of Pitiscoin™. It was created to spark the spirit of historical trading success in Nusantara region therefore Pitiscoin™ was coined to be the inspirational digital asset as the first in Nusantara region.

Pitiscoin™ is the first crypto digital asset produced by 100% of Nusantara people. The main aim of this blockchain technology product is to create applications with high innovation value for the crypto community here. Pitiscoin™ creation based on Blockchain technology is aim to pioneer the use of crypto digital asset as valuable trading asset in its Nusantara community and brings back the glory days when Pitis was widely accepted and now replaced with fast and efficient digital transaction without borders.

Moving forward, Pitiscoin™ will soon be the tool for digital transactions uniting Nusantara people when it grows into a bigger community and be used in many countries here in the South East region. This community now exists in few countries here like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei and Vietnam.

Pitiscoin™ is created on Ethereum ERC 20 Blockchain 2.0 platform and it can be checked in Etherscan.io ledger.

Pitiscoin™ is somewhat similar to Bitcoin’s purpose of creation. It removes the need of third party to manage the transaction. Using decentralization concept, distributed and peer-to peer concept is the basis of Pitiscoin™ creation.

Pitiscoin™ is now available on several platforms for verification and storage:

1. Crypto Screening Platform:

2.  Crypto Trading Platform

3.  Crypto Saving Platform

4.  Crypto Ledger Platform

5. Official Websites

Will Pitiscoin™ be able to bring back the glories of old days?


Will history repeat itself?


Let us make it possible !

Pitiscoin™ Value : Based on Physical Project

Referring to Pitiscoin™ Whitepaper, the main objective of Pitiscoin™ creation is not only to be this region’s pioneer in digital crypto asset but to instill value in its usage.

Like other crypto digital assets, it has its own function like Ether performing as “fuel” for Ethereum and Ripple which expedites banking transactions. As for Pitiscoin™, it will be the alternative payment mode within Nusantara countries with better, safer and efficient transactions.

Pitiscoin™ owners not only can save or spend Pitiscoin™ but can as well benefit in the long run. Pitiscoin has been designed to add value along with other projects being developed based on Blockchain by the same team. The success of these projects will be the benchmark for Pitiscoin™ stability and value appreciation for Pitiscoin™ in the open market.

Therefore buyers, owners and all crypto digital asset of Pitiscoin™ potentially will benefit from those projects in the near future, depending on the success rate.

Pitiscoin™ development is govern by the Pitiscoin™ Strategic Development Plan 2017-2021

There are 3 main criteria that needs to be fulfilled for Pitiscoin™ in the open market . Early earnings of Pitiscoin™ will be used for the projects below:

  1. Continuous Pitiscoin Blockchain Technology Research and Development
    Pitiscoin™ has 4 main projects in its Blockchain Research and Development ;
    1. MyPitisWallet (MPW) Technology – digital wallet based on blockchain and offers multiple digital crypto asset within the wallet
            • 100% developed by local expertise and offered for free to Pitiscoin™ holders

    2. MPW Testament/Wassiyah Smart Contract : Wassiyah system development or crypto asset inheritance to heirs listed in the blockchain system;
          • a feature to protect the interest of MPW wallet owners in should any mishaps occurred while the wallet can be transferred to the heirs listed in the Wassiyah Testament;

          MPW Owners however need to fulfil the KYC terms and conditions in order to qualify for this feature

    3. Pitiscoin™ Blockchain 3.0 (PTS 3.0) is project dedicated to build own blockchain system for Pitiscoin™
          • PTS 3.0 will be using its own blockchain and exists as proof of work (PoW) changing its status from token to coin

          • Pitiscoin™ will be able to be mined and will attract bigger value  appreciation from open market since it forsees an increase in value in future
    4. Pitiscoin™ team is always in line with current enforcement laws on digital assets set by local authorities to ensure smooth operation for Pitiscoin™
        • MPW is listed as Digital Asset Reporting Agency with Bank Negara Malaysia as compulsory act for all digital assets transactions
            • Pitiscoin™
          is also complying with Indonesian authorities through its exchanger and working on to fulfil the rules and regulation to be set by BAPPEBT.
  2. Building A Mega Scaled Digital Mining System.
          • A project which develops research, hardware technology research as well as the making of digital asset mining facility by Pitiscoin™
          It is a big scaled mining project to mine and create new crypto digital asset, more profit can be generated through this activity. Assets mined from these mining activities can then be traded with Pitiscoin for value appreciation method. Pitiscoin aims to build the biggest mining facility in Nusantara and mine most of well know crypto digital asset such as Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero, Moon and many more

      • For that purpose, 500 nodes has been installed as of to date which up and running while another 1000 nodes will be added by 2019
      • This project can accommodate more than 5,000 nodes in selected area in Nusantara with high security features and it will take about 5 years to build
        • Pitiscoin™ Research and Development team also develops own software and hardware assembly for the mining rigs locally to suit the surrounding of Nusantara facility has to  offer including weather conditions
  3. Creating A New Financial Technology Infrastructure through Crypto Digital Asset is an effort  to complete Pitiscoin™ Blockchain Technology development as well as being the pioneer in Nusantara for blockchain technology.Pitiscoin™ has underlined 5 efforts to build an ecosystem of infrastructure to support Blockchain technology advancement. System creation and new platform for business expansion and additional digital crypto asset ownership efforts as below :
    1. MPW Market Place Escrow. A trading system owned by Pitiscoin™.
          • This system is safe and secured which eliminates third party role in each transaction

            • 1st Phase of MPW Marketplace Escrow is fully operational in MyPitisWallet
              • Offers multi crypto assets and traders are given the freedom to choose the digital asset preferred. When it is ready for next phase, Pitiscoin™ can be traded with any other digital crypto asset or fiat money through MPW Marketplace Escrow at any given time
    2. Crypto Trading Platform, is a project to build crypto trading platform by Pitiscoin™ 
          • Pitiscoin™ will be used as tradeable crypto along with other crypto assets available. This platforms will soon be used globally by all crypto asset community once it is complete

      Currently, Nusantara Crypto Exchanger (NUCEX) is being developed and will be using Pitiscoin™ as the main trading crypto asset

    3. Multipayment Merchant Feature is system developed to enable payment of merchants using Pitiscoin™ in MPW
            • Merchants who chose to accept Pitiscoin™ as mode of payment can register in this system. This feature is now fully functional

    4. Pitiscoin™ E-Crypto Card, is debit card feature to use Pitiscoin™ as mode of payment and will enable MPW users to use it as any premises which accept E-Crypto Card
          • It will also enable user to exchange Pitiscoin™ with fiat money at any Auto Tell Machine should it be widely accepted by the community
    5. Pitiscoin™ Auto Teller Vending Machine, .
            • Is a joint effort between Pitiscoin™ and its strategic partner to bring Pitiscoin to mainstream world of business
            • Pitiscoin™ will start its research and will built an Auto Teller Vending Machine for the use of its community. Now it is at pilot stage and looking future to expand the technology worldwide through strategic ventures



Realising the goal of Pitiscoin™ will certainly give a big impact to the community as a whole and will stimulate ;

  1. Active public involvement in blockchain technology for Digital Economic Community development. If the public acknowledges the opportunity that can be created through blockchain technology with active involvement, they will be able to have new source of income through trading and usage of digital crypto asset in Pitiscoin™ Blockchain ecosystem..
  2. Scientific information dissemination and its legitimacy through direct public involvement will true exposure about Blockchain technology.
    There are so many decoy coins being created on the name of Blockchain without proper decentralization system and only uses servers which are questionable in nature. These are not Blockchain at all. The digital crypto asset is non-existent and buyers will be taken advantage of. These kind of scamming can be eliminated should the public are well educated about Blockchain and how it works..The public needs to understand how Blockchain system works and the legitimacy of the system. Therefore they will not be coned into scam programmes which are everywhere in the open market disguising as Blockchain system and has coins that can be mined.
    Pitiscoin™ is already in existent during its offering as written in the whitepaper. The infrastructure is almost complete. Pitiscoin™ were deposited into owners wallet right after it was released in its ICO stage.Unlike any other get rich scam programs which are maliciously everywhere offering out of this world benefit is the utmost slander being faced in the Blockchain world.
    Projects stated in Pitiscoin™ whitepaper do exists and have offices in Malaysia and Indonesia to be visited. Not limited to website address only
  3. Combining humanity and technology through Blockchain ecosystem can use to spread goodwill and keeping the welfare of universal community.
    For instance In Finland, blockchain technology is used to help refugee finances. Here, Pitiscoin™ will be used to finance social welfare activity through humanity and technology unification.1 million Pitiscoin™ has been allocated for welfare projects in Malaysia for PasarWafa and YAS (Indonesia)
    .Pitiscoin™ is also designed to help those in the need, anyone with welfare projects are welcome to use Pitiscoin™ as main digital crypto asset to do it. It will expedite and simplify the process as fast as sending an email worldwide through Pitiscoin™.

Will Pitiscoin™ be a popular crypto here in Nusantara?

Aim for the stars and reach for it.

Don’t wait, visit www.pitiscoin.asia now. Get your Pitiscoin™ now!