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ANNOUNCEMENT : Pitiscoin (PTS) Is Now Listed in CoinMarketCap (CMC)

We are now listed in Coinmarketcap as of 4th August 2018, a news we have been waiting for. A proud milestone achievement indeed, accepted officially by cryptocurrency communities worldwide.  Pitiscoin is in-existent in every corner of cryptocurrency tracking site, check out PTS live update on these platforms : ,, ,,,,,,, , more Exchangers and...

Announcement : We are now registered with BNM

We are now registered with Bank Negara Malaysia as one of Digital Currency Reporting Agency. All our activities for Digital Currency will be monitored by Malaysia Central Bank. Please refer below for complete list. BNM List

Most Asked Questions

What do we do with our cryptocurrencies/assets? The fad has bloomed. Almost all uncles and aunties even makcik bawangs has heard or even own bitcoins and virtual wallets now. Well maybe own a 0.00234567 btc and few more 3.45eth and 150,000 pitiscoin in a virtual wallet they don’t even know where it is stored. Big...

MYPW.IO is up and running!!

Good news! Our Wallet, MyPitisWallet is now up and running. Maybe some glitch here and there but bear with it. Should you encounter any hick ups please email us at [email protected] Thank you.  

Announcement : MPW Server Migration Completed

We are gladly to inform that the MPW server migration process have been completed. You can login to your wallet at If you encounter any problems, please email us at [email protected]

Announcement : MPW Server Migration

New MPW users will not be able to register or create new account within MPW, however existing users with existing account will not be affected by this process since all systems are involved for our server migration period. All MPW existing user, please be informed during server migration period, the balance of your old wallet...
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