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Announcement : MPW Server Migration Completed

We are gladly to inform that the MPW server migration process have been completed. You can login to your wallet at If you encounter any problems, please email us at [email protected]

Announcement : MPW Server Migration

New MPW users will not be able to register or create new account within MPW, however existing users with existing account will not be affected by this process since all systems are involved for our server migration period. All MPW existing user, please be informed during server migration period, the balance of your old wallet...

Pitiscoin in Coinmarketcap?

Pitiscoin is in progress to enter the listing in coinmarketcap. The criteria listings seems somewhat easy but the process is quite rigid. Hang in there while we get this sorted.

Pitiscoin Rocketed on Coinexchange

Pitiscoin trade volume surpasses half a mil again yesterday. 2 days in a row. Keep it coming owners. Via

Pitiscoin Revamped

Pitiscoin is built on ERC20 platform functions as medium to expedite business tradings and building infrastructure based on blockchain technology using smart contracts. All cryptos based on ERC20 ethereum platform can be interchangeable easily and all these tokens can work with other decentralized apps that has the same standard or higher. Pitiscoin has its own...

Newsflash : Pitiscoin status in

Pitiscoin is now available for deposit and withdrawal from All maintenance work is completed as of this news to date. Thank you. #pitiscoin #withdrawal #deposit #blockchain #pts news #coindesk #coinexchange
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