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Our Objectives

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Developed in late 2017, it is making a stable achievement and it functions similar to  bitcoin but in a more efficient way compared to the later. The developer of Pitiscoin™  has also planned out other value added technological programs to make Pitiscoin™  as South East Asia first multi usage crypto currency and a tool for financial technology  as a whole.

Pitiscoin™ main objective is to create a digital crypto asset not only serves with  specific functions but having added value to its users. Most digital assets cryptos were  created to serve a specific function such as “Ether” to represent “Petrol” in Ethereum  or Ripple that acts to speed up financial processes.

Pitiscoin™, designed by a group with an organisational blockchain technology pioneer.  Within its strategic plan, Pitiscoin™ has placed as a tool to build new infrastructure of  blockchain technology targeting South East Asia and Worldwide.

Pitiscoin™ functions similarly to BTC in a more efficient way however with a better  transaction time compared to BTC. The Pitiscoin™ difference is its users will also gain  benefit from it even in saving.

Pitiscoin™ has been designed to support other projects based on Blockchain  technology. The success rate of upcoming project will be the bench mark of stability  and value gains of Pitiscoin™ in open market. Therefore, buyers, owners and users  of Pitiscoin™ digital crypto will benefit tremendously once Pitiscoin™ achieve the  objective stated in the whitepaper (