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Developed in late 2017, it is making a stable achievement and it functions similar to  bitcoin but in a more efficient way compared to the later. The developer of Pitiscoin™  has also planned out other value added technological programs to make Pitiscoin™  as South East Asia first multi usage crypto currency and a tool for financial technology  as a whole.

Pitiscoin™ main objective is to create a digital crypto asset not only serves with  specific functions but having added value to its users. Most digital assets cryptos were  created to serve a specific function such as “Ether” to represent “Petrol” in Ethereum  or Ripple that acts to speed up financial processes.

Pitiscoin™, designed by a group with an organisational blockchain technology pioneer.  Within its strategic plan, Pitiscoin™ has placed as a tool to build new infrastructure of  blockchain technology targeting South East Asia and Worldwide.

Pitiscoin™ functions similarly to BTC in a more efficient way however with a better  transaction time compared to BTC. The Pitiscoin™ difference is its users will also gain  benefit from it even in saving.

Pitiscoin™ has been designed to support other projects based on Blockchain  technology. The success rate of upcoming project will be the bench mark of stability  and value gains of Pitiscoin™ in open market. Therefore, buyers, owners and users  of Pitiscoin™ digital crypto will benefit tremendously once Pitiscoin™ achieve the  objective stated in the whitepaper (www.pitiscoin.com).

Pitiscoin Urgent Announcement

Further to the official announcement made earlier by MyPW team of the recent attack on their web accounts, this has major impact on Pitiscoin as MyPW is one of the prominent wallet provider for Pitiscoin. Due to this catastrophic event, some has taken the opportunity to degrade Pitiscoin value in most exchangers which offers Pitiscoin hence the same effect has affected its value in CoinMarketCap.

As a result of the attack, Pitiscoin price ceased at its last valued before it was halted at most exchangers until MyPW security breach issues being resolved.

Pitiscoin Team