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Pitiscoin (PTS) is being upgraded to use it’s own blockchain to replace the old ERC20 token platform. This process will take longer than expected and will be followed by another transfer process to new legitimate Pitiscoin ownership only, whereby the old and new transfer ratio will be 1:1. Future explanation will be sent soonest the process is complete. This is an important recovery phase in lieu of the recent breach encountered by MyPW last January 2019, the main reason to most Pitiscoin owners been seeing, no movement of the asset of whatsoever. Once all transfer is completed, it will be good for all business purposes.

Pitiscoin is in discussion with Indonesian Authority to be listed in their Futures Exchange. We are doing our every effort to meet all the criteria set forth by the Government before being able for listing. Once completed, we expect to see a jump in value for PTS in the future.

Pitiscoin remains as a digital asset, a crypto currency which is very dependent on the market’s supply and demand. It is not a program as described by irresponsible party, therefore in order to make it more valuable than before, active participation is needed from all Pitiscoin owners.

On another matter, MyPW Wallet support is having some changes to personnel in charge. We appreciate your patience in having your difficulties answered in time. There are some transfer work being done to the Ripple (XRP) in the Wallet. Most XRP owners will still be experiencing irrelevant or less than current balance in their Wallet. Expect another few days for it to complete progress.

More updates will be notified soon. Thank you for your support given to us. The Future Is Now.

Pitiscoin Team.

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