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First and foremost, we would like to extend our gratitude to all PTS owners who have given words of encouragement and are excited about our local coin on the verge of success.

There are 2 international coin exchanger which has accepted PTS in its system and ready for all related activities such as buying / selling and trading. The 2 exchangers are and

The sudden demand for BTC has made it so popular and literally drowned other crypto coins. However with more demands from public to own other cryptos, future will be brighter for other alternative coins.

Crypto Assets are not short cuts to instant wealth. It takes time to mature and yield patience from it’s owners and require positive attributes to compete with other cryptos.

In the near future, application and programs on merchant systems will be developed plus mobile wallet application will be made available by January 2018.

Together we bring the future of Pitiscoin to a much greater height!


To all Pitiscoin owners, owning Pitiscoin is a long term investment and as a sign of support from your goodselves towards digital crypto asset world in this region. This is joint battle for stability and prosperity of Pitiscoin to be accepted in the mainstream world of crypto currencies.

Keep on supporting Pitiscoin and together we bring it as a stable digital asset and popular around the world. Without you, Pitiscoin is nothing. Stronger together, Pitiscoin will be splendid.

Thank you for all your support!

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